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Beginner’s guide to residential soundproofing
April 11, 2021 at 7:00 AM
Beginner’s guide to residential soundproofing

For city dwellers, dealing with outside noise is a constant battle. Without proper soundproofing, sirens, construction work, and the sounds of city life can feel like they’re right in your home. And during warmer months, it makes it nearly impossible to enjoy having the windows open.

Instead of replacing your windows entirely, there is an affordable solution: residential soundproofing. This involves installing custom made window inserts, which significantly dampen noise from outside, even in busy urban environments.

Here at Windows Interior, we install window inserts throughout Boston and Los Angeles, helping residents enjoy quieter homes. Our team is sharing everything you need to know about residential soundproofing:

What are Indow inserts? Residential soundproofing 101

Traditionally, most homeowners had to opt for pricey soundproof windows in order to reduce outside noise from coming indoors. Soundproof windows work by essentially creating more barriers against sound waves. For instance, a triple-pane window makes it a lot more difficult for sound waves to enter a home compared to a single-pane window. But if you don’t want to replace your windows entirely, there is a convenient, affordable solution for residential soundproofing: window inserts.

At Windows Interior, we specifically use Indow inserts, which are some of the best in the industry. They are even effective when used with single-pane windows, making them an affordable solution for any homeowner or apartment dweller.

Here’s how they work: Indow inserts are easily installed using a patent pending Compression Tube. The tube is custom made to exactly fit any window, and the insert is slightly larger than the window frame. When the insert is placed, the tube compresses, allowing the insert to always maintain a snug fit. This not only seals out drafts and hot air, but it helps block out sound.

How much noise is blocked by Indow inserts?

Acoustic Indow inserts can dampen noise by up to 18.9 dBA, which translates to about 70% window noise reduction when installed on a single-pane window. When placed over double-pane windows, you can expect noise reduction by 10-12 dBA, which is about a 50% reduction in noise. This will allow you to enjoy a calmer living space, despite being in a noisy urban environment.

Where can Indow inserts be placed?

Indow inserts can be custom made to fit nearly any window with a square, rectangular, or other polygonal shape. They can also work with virtually any type of window treatment or blinds, since the inserts are mounted to the face of the window frame.

After our team comes to your home for a free assessment, we can take precise laser measurements and order the custom-made inserts. Once they arrive at our warehouse, we’ll come back to your home and install them. We’ll also show you how to easily remove and reinstall them.

Seeking affordable residential soundproofing? Contact Windows Interior

At Windows Interior, we help homeowners enjoy quieter, more energy efficient living spaces. We use top-of-the-line window inserts to dampen noise, block drafts and hot air, protect indoor spaces from harsh UV rays, and much more.

Contact us today to get started with a free quote and assessment.