Commercial Window Inserts

The Problem

Inefficient or drafty windows in a commercial building are a major cost to property managers and tenants alike. This does not just apply to high energy bills as the heated air flies out the window as well as cold drafty air leaking into the building. Productivity drops for uncomfortable employees. Customers leave. Hotel rooms go unfilled due to complaints about the cold air and/or street noise. 

Tenants want it fixed ASAP. Replacing windows is very expensive and disruptive, and often times not very practical.


Constant Outside Noise

Eliminate noise complaints including street traffic, trains, plains, and construction.  Indow inserts can reduce noise by up to 10 to 18.9 dBA when placed in front of an operable, single pane window.  This equates to a 50% – 70% reduction in noise. 

Significant noise reduction allow meetings and conversations to not be interrupted by outside noise. For hotels, this means guests will sleep peacefully.  Adding Indow Window inserts will end up paying for themselves in no time. 


Energy Loss Through Windows

Installing Indow inserts in an office building has resulted in increased energy savings by an average of 20%. This is equivalent savings by installing high-end (and VERY expensive) replacement windows.

Uncomfortable Employees, Tenants, Guests

The #1 complaint from employees in facility management surveys: The building is either too cold or too hot. Employee productivity is directly correlated to their comfort. Window inserts address all these concerns at a reasonable cost. 

Windows Interior can customize your order to meet your needs with additional products:

  • Enhanced Noise Reduction 
  • UV Protection 
  • Scratch Resistant Coating
  • Heat Blocking 
  • Privacy Panels 
  • Custom Shapes