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How Reducing Exterior Noise Improves Quality of Life
December 12, 2020 at 6:15 PM
by Windows Interior

Have you ever been trying to concentrate only to have noise from outside your home or business distract you? Whether it is construction, emergency vehicles, passing cars on a road or highway, or even just plain loud neighbors, loud exterior noises can derail your entire day, and ultimately impact your overall quality of life. Here at Windows Interior, our Indow Window solution dramatically reduce exterior noise. We wanted to write a blog highlighting one of the core issues our product solves: Exterior Noise.

Reducing Exterior Noise for your Home

As a homeowner, nothing can be more annoying and disheartening than to come home only to be disturbed by exterior noise. What makes matters worse, what we hear time and time again is that when we bought the place we loved everything about the place…until after we moved in and realized how much outside noise there is coming in through the windows. Generally, homeowners take solace in relaxing at home and retreating from the busy world after a day at work. Our interior window reduces noise by not only providing an additional layer of material, but the space filled with air between our insert and your existing window also impacts how sound travels. Installing interior windows throughout your home or even in an isolated room or two that are susceptible to exterior noise, can dramatically improve one’s quality of life. Homeowners who have installed the Indow Window acoustic inserts come back to thank us for helping them reduce noise from nearby busy roads or highways, enduring a lengthy construction project, and from the daily noise in densely populated areas, including areas of student populations.

Reducing Exterior Noise for your Business or Office Space

Your ability to concentrate at work is largely dependent on the amount of exterior noise entering your office space. If you are in an older building, chances are the existing windows are doing little to nothing to keep out noise from the outside world. We have clients who reached out to us because they would need to put clients on hold when the noise got too loud, or take pauses during video conferences to “wait out” the noise. Reducing exterior noise will improve your employees’ overall mental health, which in turn will improve overall productivity and employee satisfaction.

Reducing Noise in Retail Space & Restaurants

If you own or manage a retail storefront or restaurant, customer experience can make or break you as a successful business. As customers come in, they can either feel overwhelmed by noises of construction road work, and busy cars, or, they can be welcomed with the ambient sound of other patrons mingling or background noise you have put on to curate a specific feel. Own your brands’ customer experience by considering every sense, including sound.

Benefits to Reduced Noise | Windows Interior

As mentioned above, the benefits from both a residential and commercial aspect in reducing exterior noise include: improving sleep and concentration, improving quality of life, providing a welcoming space for potential customers and guests. Bottom line: reduced noise will help remove stress induced by exterior noise. If you would like a consultation or have questions regarding the effectiveness our interior windows provide in terms of reducing noise from the outside world, call us today! Servicing the Greater Boston area & the Greater Los Angeles area, we are happy to connect and learn more about your home or business and how our interior windows can help.