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How to choose the best type of window for your LA home
February 9, 2022 at 4:00 PM
Beautiful house with large windows

Windows aren’t just about letting fresh air and natural light into your home. Chosen carefully, they can complement your home’s architecture and serve as key focal points in its overall style. They’re not things you just choose on a whim.

There are so many considerations when choosing windows for your home, whether for replacement units or for new construction. Dual/single pane, frame materials, energy efficiency, glazing options — these are all critical factors.

But perhaps the most important element is knowing where to install what. Without knowledge of what window types work best in different rooms, you’ll end up with a mismatch, in both home design and function.

At Windows Interior, we provide professional Indow window installation in Los Angeles. Here’s what you need to know about selecting the best type of window for your LA home.

Choosing the ideal window type for each room

With so many styles, materials, and accessories available, what should you consider when picking the perfect window for each room in your house?

Living room

The furniture and entertainment system are the main attractions of the living room. Consider their placement when selecting a window style. The idea is to be able to capture as much natural light without sun glare and without compromising indoor privacy.

If it’s for a new construction, you need to know where the sun will be hitting the house at the start and end of the day.


Picture, double-hung, and casement windows are among the most popular window styles for the living room. Of course, they should be energy-efficient too.


In addition to providing maximum privacy, you’ll also want bedroom windows that can reduce outside noise. No one likes having their sweet sleep rudely interrupted by car honks and the neighbor’s barking dogs.

For many homeowners, the bedroom windows should also be able to reduce the heat and light intensity coming in, but still maintain a high level of visible light and clarity.

Casement and sliding horizontal windows are great choices. Combined with our Indow inserts, you can expect a bedroom window that meets all these requirements. Our Acoustic window inserts can dampen noise from outside by up to 18.9 dBA, around 70% noise reductions.


The perfect kitchen window is easy to operate, brings in adequate fresh air, and is good-looking. Kitchens tend to get stuffy with all that smoke and steam hitting the air. Ventilation is a key consideration.

Sliding windows are a great choice here. They bring in maximum natural light and operate smoothly. Placed in a good spot, such as above the sink makes the window a good focal point within the kitchen.


Privacy/obscure glass options are an important consideration for bathroom windows. Because of all that water splashing going on in the bathroom, it’s not always ideal to use window coverings.

At the same time, the window should also be able to provide adequate ventilation. Vinyl is a great frame material for bathroom windows thanks to its durability and water resistance. In terms of style, windows that open outward are a good option.

Authorized Indow Window Insert dealer

Windows Interior is proud to be associated with Indow Window, a leading name in the window replacement industry. We work with home and business owners across Boston and Los Angeles. Many communities and neighborhoods in these cities experience extreme hot and cold conditions. Also, many homes are situated in very noisy areas.

Our lineup of Indow window inserts helps tackle these issues head-on. From proven noise reduction to improved efficiency and reduced intense natural light, we can help ensure that you have the best windows for every room in your home.

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