How to Cut your Electric Bill with Storm Windows?

We all know the feeling of dread when we begin to hear the AC or heat kick on in the summer or winter, knowing that it is not going to be the last time we hear that noise all season. Most importantly, we have all felt that same sense of dread when the power bill arrives and we begin to see just how expensive keeping our homes comfortable can be. Would you believe me if I told you there was a simple, cost-effective way of reducing your bill and making your home cozy in the summer and winter as well (and not just during the spring or fall)? Probably not, but that’s alright. That’s precisely why we will discuss the issue in detail and some solutions.


Basically, the most common cause of waste in heating or cooling our homes is an issue with insulation. Many of us don’t have the fortune of owning a home that we have recently built. In fact, even if you built your home odds are that it was made at a time when insulation wasn’t as much a priority – we didn’t have the knowledge we do now and energy costs were lower. Now, too many of us are stuck wondering what are the best ways to further insulate our homes? Short of finding a way to cleanly tear down all the drywall in your home there are just a few options.


The best option most often discussed is to increase the efficacy of your windows. Basically, how effectively can you seal your windows so that they aren’t letting out precious hot or cold air and how good are they at keeping the opposite out? Window replacements themselves are often costly procedures and don’t lend themselves to a simple weekend project. Most importantly, how much are you actually saving if you end up spending thousands of dollars replacing all the windows in your home? Luckily, window inserts offer a cheap, cost-effective way to increase the insulating qualities of your home. Most importantly, there are a number of reputable, inexpensive options as far as products and services are concerned. One such product, Indow window inserts, have proven both cheap and effective at increasing insulation in homes and reducing home power bills by as much as 20 percent! Look into what options you have in your area and consider what it would be like to know that your monthly utility bills would drop by 20% or more!

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