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How to Reduce Construction Noise outside your home
December 26, 2020 at 9:45 AM
by Windows Interior

During the summer months, construction naturally increases as days are longer, and the weather allows workers to complete full days. While the project being completed near your home is bound to improve the area, and hopefully housing prices, dealing with the noise can almost make it seem not even worth it. And with spending more time in your home during COVID-19, the noise is that much more noticeable, and bothersome! Here at Windows Interiors, we wanted to write a blog on tips and tricks to help reduce construction noise this summer on your street.

Wall Inspection

Does the noise from a construction site feel like it’s happening right in your room, even when all the windows are closed? This could be the result of a collection of small holes or cracks in your walls, or poor insulation in the walls. This can include areas around window frames (more on this soon!), ventilation grates, and electrical sockets. Homes with brick exteriors are better insulated from outside sound than wood exterior homes.

Door Management/ Replacement

Are the doors inside your home flimsy, or poor fitting? It could be possible the doors are doing nothing in terms of blocking out noise. When construction begins, stand in one room and keep the door of the room open and sit on the other side. Not get up and test it with the door closed. If you hear no difference, a door replacement could offer some relief. You may find that closing certain doors, depending on what direction the construction is occurring, can reduce the noise level you experience.

Weak, Older Windows

The leading cause of exterior noise, making its way into your home tends to be the windows of your home. As a general rule, new, double pane windows are not designed to significantly reduce exterior noise. The reason for this is that the space between the 2 layers of glass have a 5’8’ of space between them. Sound reduction is achieved with an interior dead air space of at least 2” between the existing window and the interior insert. Replacing these windows can be extremely costly as they generally need custom-built frames and can take a long time to install, increasing labor costs. AND, the newer windows will not achieve a high level of noise reduction.

If you have existing double-paned windows, and the noise is still unrelenting, Windows Interior has the ideal solution for construction noise reduction!

Indow Interior Windows: Reducing Noise from Construction

Interior Windows Indow Windows are the perfect, cost-efficient solution for reducing construction noise making its way into your home or business. Indow Windows are custom made to fit each window frame and create a perfect air-tight seal.

Additional Advantages of Indow Interior Windows

In addition to dramatically reducing exterior noise, Interior Windows Indow Windows will also help save you money on cooling costs during the summer. For the same reasons noise is reduced, your home’s interior cool air will be sealed within your home.

Furthermore, if you end up wanting to open your windows on a nice day or the weekend when construction is not occurring, our inserts can be quickly removed with just the pull of a tab; no special tools required. Re-installation only requires you firmly place the insert back into the correct frame!

Windows Interior: Boston & Los Angeles’ Interior Windows Solution

If your home could benefit from reduces exterior noise and/or more efficient heating/cooling, contact Windows Interior today! We can provide estimates and review how our products improve your quality of life while at home. We look forward to connecting!