How Window Inserts reduced noise and returned peace and quiet for Marcel

Living in the cities like Boston or LA is an awesome experience.  There’s so much life, people on the move all the time.  It’s never a dull moment. 

One of the few problems with living in an area with so much vivacity is noise.  Sometimes the sounds of the city can be beautiful, just listening to everyone living life; cars, taxis, college kids yelling at 3am.  Often when we return home we don’t want all this noise, we want some peace and quiet while we relax and sleep.

Window inserts to the rescue

The problem is standard single pane or other standard glass windows, especially in older buildings like we see in Boston, MA.

What to do when you live on a main street of a city or tourist destination? 

Marcel lived across the street from popular restaurants and bars, where late-night revelers woke him up at night.  It was driving him nuts not being able to get some peace and quiet after a hard days work.

Making matters worse, Marcel was renting and couldn’t convince his landlord to make an investment to reduce window noise for his apartment.  After doing some research into this pesky problem Marcel called Windows Interior for a consultation. 

The solution for Marcel’s problem was replacing his single pane windows with an alternative window solution, Indow Windows.  Indow Windows are noise canceling window inserts.  This isn’t the only benefit of our window inserts, they also save energy, time and money; but that’s a story for a different post.

Installing Acoustic Grade Indow Windows, provided the noise reduction he was looking for, allowing him to at long last enjoy his lovely space in a bustling, energetic down town area.  

At the end of the day Marcel saved an impressive amount by choosing the alternative window inserts.  The total cost was only 15% of what he was quoted for standard single pane windows.  Most importantly he now gets the comfort of quiet he deserves at the end of the day.

Interested in noise reducing Window Inserts? Contact us for a quote and get the quiet you deserve

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