Indow Windows vs Replacement Windows

Indow windows and replacement windows are two window solutions that are available on the market. Both offer benefits that can improve your home or desired space, but they are not one and the same in what they provide. When it comes to cost, functionality, convenience and performance, Indow windows and replacement windows differ in what they offer in a window treatment. Let’s compare the two products to get a better understanding of each and why Indow windows are the best choice.



The cost of a window project is a basic concern when window shopping, and while you may want windows that look great and perform even better, you want windows that don’t hit your wallet. Replacement windows cost varies, from as low as $500 to a high cost of $2,500 with installation, depending on the type of replacement being installed, such a wood, double-hug, vinyl, or double-pane. A wood replacement window, for example, averages $71-$109 per square feet. Indow windows cost significantly less than replacement windows with the basic model retailing for an average between $24-$36 square feet. Indow windows are a cost-effective solution that won’t break the bank, while providing you with quality performance.



Getting the best value for your money is essential when choosing windows, and functionality is one way to assess value. From timeless to modern styles, replacement windows vary in functionality. Double-hung replacement windows, for example, can be raised, lowered and tilted, offering convenient ventilation and cleaning of both the upper and lower sash. Sliding replacement windows can be rolled from side to side and can be removed from their own tracks for the cleaning. Replacement windows can open the window space for a more open view. Indow windows deliver easy installation and removal within minutes, allowing convenient cleaning. They can eliminate or reduce condensation on existing single or double pane windows, providing better viewing, especially during the wintertime.



When it comes to energy efficiency, replacement windows can save on energy costs, between a minimum of 15% and as high as 40%, with high-quality windows and proper installation. With Indow windows, you can expect to save on average up to 20% on your energy bills. Comparing noise reduction performance, Indow windows reduce noise by up to 50% when placed over double-pane windows, while double pane replacement windows reduce sound by up to 15%.


Indow window are not only cost-effective, which makes them a great investment, but they are also functional and stellar in performance. When choosing between replacement windows and Indow windows, consider the benefits, the money you can save and peace of mind.


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