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How window inserts for old windows optimize performance
June 6, 2022 at 7:00 AM
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If your old windows aren’t cutting it, it is time for an upgrade. However, replacing old windows can be costly. Fortunately, a cheap and effective alternative to replacing old windows is getting window inserts for old windows to improve performance. If you need premier window inserts, at Windows Interior, we are the leading Indow Window Insert dealer in Boston and Los Angeles. We treat each customer like family and take the time to understand your specific needs to tailor our start-to-finish solutions to you.

Here’s how window inserts improve window performance:

Energy efficiency

One way getting window inserts for old windows optimizes performance is improved energy efficiency.

Window inserts fit tightly into your existing window frames. This tight fit blocks cold winter drafts and hot summer air from entering and keeps warm air and cool air from escaping during the winter and summer months, which minimizes the strain on your HVAC unit and reduces your utility bill.

Because of this, window inserts offer significant, long-term savings. Another crucial area inserts improve for old windows is condensation control. Old windows permit moisture. However, with window inserts, you limit the moisture admitted.

Limiting moisture limits the mold and rot that moisture generates and saves significant money in the long run. However, the kind of inserts you get matters. Homes equipped with premier inserts like Indow window inserts for a single year experience annual energy savings of 20%.

If you are interested in window inserts, you deserve the best. Luckily, at Windows Interior, we can equip you with the best inserts proven to make a difference.

Noise mitigation

Another significant performance enhancement when procuring window inserts for old windows is noise reduction.

Window inserts block out more than drafts; window inserts insulate your home from disruptive exterior noise. The same gaps that permit drafts permit sounds. Ultimately, there is no better solution for noise reduction than window inserts.

More importantly, window inserts offer custom solutions to your specific problem. There are inserts designed to reduce noise. Muffling noise and regulating the air permitted to leave and enter provides unprecedented control of your environment.

Especially if you live near a busy street, this is invaluable. Premium window inserts like Indow Window inserts block up to 50% of outside noise, while their acoustic grade inserts, which boast twice the thickness, block up to 70% of outside noise.

If outside noise is infiltrating your home, at Windows Interior, we have unrivaled solutions to minimize disruptions.

Light blocking

Window inserts for old windows also maximize performance through light-blocking features.

Window inserts boast significant light-blocking properties, especially UV-blocking inserts. UV-blocking inserts block 98% of UV rays, which is critical because UV rays can damage furniture and wood flooring, causing them to fade.

UV-blocking inserts save significant money in replacing furniture or refurbishing your precious wood flooring. Plus, blocking out lighting blocks heat, which optimizes energy efficiency. Depending on your needs, products like Indow Window Inserts offer a range of solutions.

Blackout panels block 100% of the light and provide complete darkness, which can be essential for getting sleep. However, Indow also offers Privacy Grade inserts, which block the light and unwanted eyes.

Constructed of translucent, high-quality, light-transmitting acrylic, these inserts obfuscate what people outside can see.

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Fortunately, you don’t need to replace windows to optimize their performance. Procuring high-quality window inserts for old windows like Indow Window Inserts is an affordable and effective solution. At Windows Interior, we are the leading Indow Window Insert dealer in Los Angeles and Boston. We take the time to listen and find the perfect solution for your needs, even if it means recommending another company. Ultimately, we treat each customer like family, and we want the best for you. Request a quote now!