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Do Indow Window’s noise cancelling window inserts work?
May 2, 2022 at 7:00 AM
A person standing by their noise-canceling window inserts.

If you live in an area with excessive noise pollution, it can be more than an inconvenience. Excessive outside noises invading your house can cause you to lose sleep, hurt your concentration, and tarnish the sanctity of your home. Luckily, there are solutions. Noise-canceling window inserts are the premier and most cost-effective solution that provides the same benefits as new soundproof windows. Fortunately, at Windows Interior, we are an authorized dealer of the premier inserts proven to reduce noise and more: Indow Windows.

Here’s how noise blocking window inserts work:

What are noise-canceling window inserts?

Single-pane windows are incapable of abating exterior sounds, and double-pane windows are just as ineffective. Noise-canceling inserts are glass and installed into your window frame 5 inches in front of your window’s interior side.

This installation method provides optimal noise reduction. Depending on your needs and budget, different kinds of inserts made from different materials are available. Ultimately, laminated glass window inserts offer the most efficacy.

If you have questions about noise-canceling window inserts, at Window Interiors, we are the premier resource. More importantly, we are an authorized dealer of Indow Window inserts, the leading soundproofing inserts. We can ensure outside noise stays outside.

Do noise-canceling window inserts work?

The short answer is, yes, noise-blocking inserts work. Noise-canceling window inserts are specially crafted out of laminate glass to reduce noise using the existing window opening.

These inserts are installed approximately 5 inches away from the window’s interior space and mitigate high-frequency noises that permeate glass and openings. Their special thick glazing and silicone compression tubing generate a tight seal.

In turn, an insulated cushion of dead air forms between the insert and window, which traps and absorbs noise. Window inserts cancel up to 70% of outside noise when applied to double-pane windows and up to 50% when applied to single-pane windows.

Moreover, these inserts also keep interior noise from getting out. If you are interested in the premier soundproof inserts, at Window Interiors, we are authorized dealers of Indow Window products, the preeminent inserts on the market.

With patented, silicone compression tubing, premier acrylic glazing, and proprietary measurement software and technology, these inserts are custom-made and achieve an unparalleled sealing capability to keep noise at bay like no other.

What are the benefits of soundproof window inserts?

Noise-canceling window inserts offer several benefits, particularly window inserts of Indow Window’s unequaled caliber. Inserts are significantly cheaper than replacing your windows for essentially the same effect, and they are easy to install and remove.

Moreover, they retain your windows’ original look and blend seamlessly into any aesthetic. Soundproof window inserts also block UV rays from the sun that damage your furniture, carpets, and more.

Plus, soundproof window inserts optimize window efficiency and enable you to conserve energy, and consequently, expenses on utility bills. These inserts regulate your home’s interior pressure while improving the efficiency of heaters and air conditioners.

Most importantly, these inserts can reduce up to 70% of outside noise and preserve your health by preventing dirt, allergens, drafts, and germs from entering and circulating through your home.

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If outside noise is disrupting your domestic bliss, noise-canceling window inserts are the premier solution. Fortunately, at Windows Interiors, we are an authorized dealer of the premier soundproofing windows in Boston and Los Angeles. More importantly, we boast unrivaled start-to-finish, tailored solutions, so your inserts are custom-made for you and your needs. Our service is next to none, and we treat each client like family. Request a quote now to get started!