Project: Insulated Window Inserts Save Heating Costs

Nothing beats living in the North End of Boston, especially as warm weather approaches to take advantage of all that Boston has to offer.  In the wintertime, especially in an old building with very drafty windows, it’s not so nice.  Not to mention expensive, heating and air conditioning costs can add up quickly.  Especially with the harsh New England winters and rising gas prices.  Indow window inserts cost less than your average single-pane window and save you money on energy!  Window inserts like Indow windows are the future of insulation.

The Problem with Old Windows

Lisa had been renting out her condo for quite some time, but the current tenants had enough of the cold air blasting through the 7 foot high windows.  

Not only could Lisa not find double-hung windows made that size, but the expense would have been outrageous. The challenge was not only finding windows that could be made for that size in a cost-effective manner, but also that would easily blend into the interior architecture, which had exposed brick walls.  

The solution: Indow Windows Standard Grade inserts. The inserts blocked all of the airflow and cold air, but also “disappeared” into the existing windows; making them virtually invisible. And the best part for Lisa, the price was 70% less than any other solution and the installation required no hardware.

Insulating old windows can be difficult and costly in many homes

Our window inserts make it much cheaper, easier, and quicker to insulate your home.  Even if you’re like Lisa and own an old property with funky sizes, we can help.  Contact us for a consultation today!

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