Project: Window Inserts Help Reclaim The Quiet in Boston High Rise

Living on the 29th floor of a high rise in downtown Boston is wonderful:  high above the city, great views, and easy access to everything the City has to offer, all in walking distance.  

The downside, even though 29 floors above the street, as hard as it is to believe, the noise penetrates all the way into the interior space of the 2,800 + square foot residence.  Tim working from his home office, he needed to find a solution that was elegant, cost-effective and worked as promised. As typical of high rise buildings, the windows were double pane, with metal mullions separating the over/under window configuration.  Standard single pane and double pane windows are poorly rated for insulation AND expensive!  Indow Window inserts highly insulating, which is not only great for noise reduction but also saves money on energy!  In the cold New England winters, the savings from better insulation provided by window inserts practically makes them pay for themselves!

Tim heard about this revolutionary alternative to paned windows, Indow Window Inserts, and reached out to Jeff at Windows Interior for a consultation to assess how efficient the Acoustic Indow Windows would work and proceeded to install the inserts in both his home office and his master bedroom.  As each of the last inserts was installed in the rooms, there was an immediate reduction in outside noise penetrating Tim’s home. Tim noted that it was money worth spending as he could now concentrate on his work, and not have to use earplugs to sleep at night.

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