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Summer Benefits to Interior Window Inserts
July 8, 2020 at 6:15 PM
by Windows Interior

Many home and business owners use Interior windows during the Fall and Winter months to help insulate their homes or business to improve heating costs. Creating an additional layer of space between the window that touches the outside world and the air inside your home is proven to create dramatic results. Many of these same home or business owners who may consider removing their interior windows during the summer months find it beneficial to keep the Indow Windows installed to cool down their homes or building. Continue reading why interior windows, if left in place, can help keep cooling costs down!

Same Principle, Different goal

Indow Window’s interior window inserts help during winter months because they provide a layer of insulation between your home or office and the air temperature outside. Sunlight beaming through a window can increase internal room temperatures, but conversely, the cold air in your home can be easily lost through single-pane windows. Interior windows, with the addition of a curtain, can help combat sunny rooms from heating up quickly, reducing your cooling costs.

Indow Windows interior windows are also fit precisely to each window to create a perfect seal; eliminating the interior’s cooled air from escaping to the hot outdoors. Regardless of your home’s age, heating and cooling is lost through small, barely noticeable cracks. The airtight seal created by the Indow Window interior window ensures that the cool air inside your home or office stays there and that no warm air can find its way inside.

Summer Noise Control

The Summer months are notorious for increased noise regardless if you are on Main Street or in a residential neighborhood. From increased traffic to an uptick in construction, home and business owners need a way to mitigate these disturbances. Interior Window inserts are proven to decrease noise up to 70%, depending on the existing windows! Think of the peace and quiet you will enjoy to get a good night’s sleep, focus on getting work done, discuss business with co-workers or potential clients, or just relax in your cool, energy-efficient home.

Windows Interior: Summer Interior Window Installation Provider

Contact Windows Interior today if your home or place of business could benefit from an Interior Window insert. One concern some may have with an interior window during summer is that they would eliminate the possibility of opening the windows to let fresh air in on a 70-degree day. Not to worry! These inserts are removable with the pull of two fingers and can be easily re-inserts without any special tools.

We look forward to connecting with you to discuss how Indow Window’s interior window inserts can help improve cooling costs and quality of life this summer!