The Benefits of Indow Window Inserts

Indow window inserts are modern, innovative, high-performance insulation solution that can transform your home. These thermal panels are designed to fit inside existing window frames, where it provides double pane benefits. When it comes to window performance, comfort and peace of mind, Indow window inserts are highly rated. Let’s take a look at some of the benefits of Indow window inserts.


Block Drafts and Save Energy

Indow inserts are known for their insulating properties, and they have the ability to improve the performance of newer windows. They have the capacity to insulate drafty windows, regulating indoor temperature to deliver comfort year-round. This is possible because of the design of the Indow inserts that features thermal acrylic and patented silicone compression tube that presses into the interior of your existing window frames sealing out drafts and reduce or eliminate window condensation. The airtight seal allows for warmer winters and cooler summers, and helps with saving on energy bills.


Reduce Noise

The acrylic glazing edged in the Indow window inserts’ compression tubing creates a tight seal and dead air space between the window insert itself and the existing window. When installed correctly, with precise, snug fit, custom engineered acoustic window inserts can dampen sound by acting as a muffle. It minimizes exterior sounds, like traffic and street noise, between 50% and 70%, and can also prevent interior noise from escaping. The effectiveness of Indow inserts in reducing overall noise reduction is largely dependent on the level of noise entering through surfaces like floors and ceilings.


Light Blocking and Privacy

When it comes to light blocking and privacy, Indow window inserts are the perfect solution for providing those benefits. Indow window inserts sleep panels can help to create darkness for better sleep through custom design that allows you to control the light entering your space. The tight fit created by Indow window inserts block light from emitting from around the edges of the window frame. The privacy grade inserts provide window privacy, concealing what people on the outside can view, specific details and shadows, thanks to its “clouded” acrylic. You can protect your prized artwork and furniture from fading and window privacy for bathrooms and conference rooms.


Indow window inserts are quality widow solutions that provide a range of benefits. They are a superior option for blocking draft and saving energy through its insulation properties and can limit noise pollution, block light for better sleep and provide privacy.

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