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Top benefits of indoor window inserts
April 4, 2022 at 7:00 AM
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If you have an older house, there’s a good chance your windows aren’t as efficient as they ought to be. Windows are one of the biggest sources of thermal inefficiency, especially older windows with wooden frames or single-pane glass. The gaps and leaks around older windows may seem small and insignificant, but add them all up and it could be like having a basketball-sized hole in your wall. Window inserts may be a solution.

Installing storm windows on the outside of your home can look bulky and take away from your home’s aesthetic. Replacing every window in your home is cost-prohibitive for most homeowners. And what if you rent?

Indow® Window inserts are acrylic inserts that go on the inside of your windows. They provide many of the same benefits as storm windows, at a fraction of the cost. Windows Interiors is a premier authorized Indow® Window dealer serving Boston and Los Angeles. We’ve helped thousands of homeowners improve the efficiency of their windows and save money. Here are some of the main benefits of indoor window inserts.

Energy efficiency

Window inserts fit tightly into your existing window frames to block cold winter drafts or hot summer air. Enjoy a warmer house in the winter and a cooler house in the summer, while saving up to 20% on your energy bills.

Noise reduction

In addition to sealing out drafts, window inserts also reduce outside noise by about 50%. If you live near a busy road or just like a little more peace, adding window inserts to your windows can help insulate against unwanted noise. Opt for upgraded acoustic inserts and get even more soundproofing—up to 70% noise reduction!

Light filtering

Window inserts come in various light-blocking solutions as well. UV-blocking inserts block 98% of UV rays, protecting furniture and wood floors from fading and further increasing energy efficiency. Blackout panels block 100% of light for complete darkness. And privacy panels diffuse light for privacy, without sacrificing any natural light.


Typical window replacements cost around $75/sq ft for vinyl windows or $95/sq ft for wood windows. Indow® Window inserts range from $30-$43/sq ft, making them significantly cheaper. And the cost will likely be recovered in long-term energy savings.

Precise fit

To create a proper seal, window inserts must match your window shape exactly. Each window insert is custom-made using a proprietary laser-measuring system for a perfect fit every time, even if the window is out of square or not square at all. Odd-shaped windows? Arched windows? We’ve got you–and your windows–covered. Our proprietary software and measuring system ensures that every insert fits just right. And the sleek, low-profile design won’t take away from your design aesthetic or your home’s character.

Easy to install

The silicone compression tubing allows the window inserts to be easily pushed into place without damaging your existing window frames. There are no brackets or mounting hardware. Simply remove the panel from the packaging, remove the film, and slide them into your window frame. That’s it!

Choose indoor window inserts from Windows Interior

Whether you’re trying to keep your historic windows to preserve your home’s original character or want to enhance the thermal performance of newer windows, indoor window inserts will regulate the temperature to keep you comfortable year-round.

As a premier dealer for Indow® Window inserts, Windows Interior is ready to help! We’ll take detailed laser measurements of your windows and provide you with a quote. Contact us today for a free cost estimate!