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What are interior insulating window inserts?
April 27, 2021 at 7:00 AM
What are interior insulating window inserts?

Windows play an important role in insulating your home from outdoor noise and weather. Double-pane and triple-pane windows offer even more insulation from unwanted noise and drafts. However, completely replacing your windows can be pretty costly. With interior insulating window inserts, you can harness some of these same benefits without having to replace your windows.

At Windows Interior, we help homeowners and apartment dwellers in Boston and Los Angeles enjoy calmer living spaces that are protected from outside noise and weather. In this article, we’re sharing everything you need to know about insulating window inserts.

Interior insulating window inserts: how they work

Windows Interior uses window inserts made by Indow. These high-quality acrylic window inserts have a soft silicone compression tubing along the edges that allows them to create a tight seal when placed on any window. They have a simple, compression-fit design, which means they can snugly stay in place without any hardware required or mounting brackets.

Interior insulating window inserts offer a number of benefits:

  • Noise reduction: Did you know that window inserts can dampen noise by up to 18.9 dBA? This is equal to about 70% noise reduction when installed on single-pane windows. When installed over double-pane windows, you can enjoy a 50% reduction in noise as well.

  • Insulation from weather: Many homeowners replace their windows to increase the energy efficiency of their home, and to keep out hot air or cold drafts. Window inserts are a much cheaper alternative, and they can effectively boost insulation. They are custom made to fit your window exactly, allowing you to save up to 20% in energy bills.

  • Protection from harsh UV rays: Cold drafts and hot air aren’t the only things that window inserts protect you from. Inserts also reduce the amount of harsh UV rays that enter your home. UV-blocking inserts will protect your household items from sun damage. Additional options are available to block out all light for better sleeping. There are also privacy screens that have a “clouded” appearance, which allows light to pass through but blocks the view from outside.

FAQS about interior insulating window inserts

Do I need a permit to have window inserts installed?

No; window inserts don’t affect the structure of your windows, and they can easily be installed without construction involved. As a result, permits aren’t needed, and you don’t need approval from condo association/HOA boards.

Do they require hardware?

No; interior insulating window inserts have a compression-fit design, so they stay in place without the need for hardware or mounting brackets.

Do they fit windows of any size?

Yes; a member of our team will first measure your windows, and then we’ll have the window inserts custom made. We can accommodate windows of virtually any shape and size.

Can I remove them myself?

Yes; since window inserts don’t have any complicated hardware, you can easily remove and reinstall them without professional help. In fact, after our team installs your window inserts, we’ll show you just how easy it is to remove and reinstall them on your own.

Contact us for high-quality interior insulating window inserts

If you’re ready to enjoy the benefits of interior insulating window inserts, contact Windows Interior today. After we take measurements of your windows, our friendly team will get you quickly set up with new window inserts.

Contact us today for a free quote. We serve Boston, MA, and Los Angeles, CA.