Why you should choose interior window inserts instead of Double Pane windows in LA

Do you live in the greater LA area? Are you considering the replacement of your home or business’ windows due to a lack of efficiency?  Or to help reduce outside noise? Whether you want to keep external noise out of your building or your current window solution is not properly retaining cooled air, Windows Interior has your answer. Our Indow Window Inserts have helped numerous clients in and around the greater LA area solve these issues at a fraction of the cost that replacing a window would cost. Keep reading to learn more!

Noise Reduction

Our Interior window inserts, Acoustic Grade Indow Windows, will significantly reduce the level of noise in your building from external sounds. Maintaining a comfortable noise level in your home or business can make a big difference in your overall comfort. If you conduct business or live on a busy city street, upon installation, you will immediately hear the difference.  Our customers who live in congested city areas, or even in the suburbs, are tired of noisy road noise: cars, trucks, buses, and motorcycles. Some of our customers who live near fire and police stations have benefitted dramatically due to the consistent sound of emergency vehicles. This applies to our clients who live near hospitals as well! Our inserts have been tested and are proven to reduce noise by up to 70%. From trying to get a restful night’s sleep, watching TV, reading a book, or hosting guests or clients, no longer will you be distracted by external noise in your home or business.

Cooling Efficiency

Since our inserts are custom fit to be placed in each window, Indow Windows helps eliminate any draft coming from windows that have an insert. Since cooling one’s home or business in the LA area is a constant battle and necessity to live and work comfortably, our inserts solve this issue at a fraction of the cost comparing to alternatives. Furthermore, our Museum Grade inserts provide for 98% of UV rays being filtered.  This helps protect your furniture, art, and even your skin from the sun. If you have a window in your home or business that receives a high dose of natural light, our inserts have tinted solutions as well.

Inserts Vs. Double Pane Window

While double pane windows would achieve similar results keeping the heat out of your home, our Interior Window inserts are installed much quicker, look great and come at a significantly lower cost than window replacement. Already have double pane windows installed? Interior inserts only enhance the benefits listed above, creating an energy-efficient and quiet atmosphere in your home or business.

Windows Interior: LA’s Window Replacement Alternative Experts

If you are considering the full replacement of your home or business’ windows and the cost is an issue, consult Windows Interior today! Our expert staff can review our products in-depth and provide you the solution you are looking for at a reasonable cost.

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