Window Replacement Alternative in Cambridge, MA

Cambridge, Massachusetts, is located on the Charles River right across from Boston. Acting as an extension of Massachusetts’ capital city of Boston, Cambridge is home to thousands of residents, both renters, and homeowners, in addition to a wide variety of businesses. Furthermore, Cambridge is seen as a hub for exceptional higher education and home to offices of many of the world’s leading technology, research, pharmaceutical, and health-related companies. We are proud to offer our window replacement alternative products to businesses and homeowners in Cambridge, MA. Continue reading to learn more!

Window Replacement Alternative for Cambridge, MA Businesses

Businesses in Cambridge also benefit from interior window inserts, much like homeowners in the area. From a cost-saving perspective, our interior window inserts improve heating and cooling costs by eliminating drafts and adding a layer of insulation. With Cambridge, MA experiencing classic New England winters and summer, improving heating and cooling efficiency can dramatically reduce operating costs. From a noise reduction standpoint, regardless of the type of business you operate, reduced noise will enhance employee productivity and improve customer or client interaction.

If your business is being disrupted by noise from traffic, emergency vehicles, or construction, consider having Windows Interior assess your business for Indow Window inserts today!

Window Replacement Alternative for Cambridge, MA Homeowners

Homeowners in Cambridge, MA, have come to depend and rely on Windows Interior to improve the quality of life within their homes.  With many homes in a historic district, or part of a condominium association, Indow Windows do not require approvals in historic districts or from homeowner’s associations (or landlords for that matter).

Our interior window inserts help improve heating and cooling efficiency, in addition to dramatically reducing exterior noise. From a heating standpoint, the inserts are outfitted within your windows frame, which creates an additional layer of insulation. This inch or two of space provides the energy efficiency of a double pane window when placed in front of a single pane window. This space and the additional layer also reduces noise that is generated from outside one’s home. Our inserts help reduce noise by up to 70%.

Cambridge, MA Window Replacement Alternative