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Beverly Hills is an iconic section of Los Angeles, located just west of Hollywood. Its proximity to Hollywood makes it an ideal location for many of those in the film industry including actors, actresses, and those behind the camera who like to call Beverly Hills home. Windows Interior is proud to offer our white glove services to those living and working in the Beverly Hills area. Continue reading to learn more about how we have helped businesses and homeowners reduce noise and cooling costs.

Interior Windows Inserts for Beverly Hills Homeowners

Living close to work and avoiding commutes in excess of an hour or more, makes Bevery Hills an ideal location to call home.  However, this convenience can also be offset by external noise penetrating your home. You no longer need to compromise between living close to work and avoiding noisy areas.  Our interior window inserts reduce noise and create a seal between your window and the inside of your home. This seal eliminates any draft, allowing you as a homeowner to more efficiently cool you home. Our Acoustic Indow Window inserts are tested and proven to reduce exterior noise up to 70%. If your home could benefit from reduced noise with the added bonus of increasing efficiency regarding cooling, give us a call today!

Acoustic Windows for Beverly Hills Businesses

As a business in Beverly Hills, you must cater to your employee’s well being, as well as to your clients whom may be visiting your business. If you are a business on Santa Monica Boulevard, Wilshire Boulevard, Sunset Boulevard, San Vincent Boulevard, Rodeo Drive, or elsewhere in Beverly Hills you want to provide your employees and customers a relaxing environment to conduct business.  Employee mental health is critical in keeping employees. And guests form an initial impression about your business. Ambient noise directly impacts these initial impressions. Interior Window’s Indow Window inserts reduce noise significantly, creating a space where employees and guests won’t feel overwhelmed by the noise of traffic, construction, or emergency services vehicles.

If you have questions regarding our Interior window inserts, capabilities, or our pricing, give us a call today!

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